Monday, February 1, 2010

Windows development toolbar

At work, I develop on a Windows machine, and need access to various config and log files, as well as my main code trunk and a branch. I got tired of digging through layers of folders to find everything, and set up a quick way to access everything. Here's how.

(Note: these screen shots are from Windows XP, but I've confirmed that this works on Windows 7, and it probably works on Windows Vista as well.)

First, create a folder on your computer (anywhere you like) and create a bunch of shortcuts in it to everything you might need.

Second, right-click the menu bar and choose Toolbars > New toolbar. Select the folder you just created.

Finally, click the little arrows next to the toolbar name. It will pop up with all your shortcuts. Hooray!

Final tip - if you'd like to see the full date and time on your menu bar, right-click it again, deselect "lock the toolbar," and drag the toolbar edge up to make it taller. When the full date and time appears there, right-click again and re-lock it.

Ta-da! No more double-clicking to see today's date on the calendar.